Personal Trainer Alameda, CA Nate Wantatah

Nate Wantatah - personal trainer


Nate Wantatah is a lifelong athlete whose deep passion for physical fitness drives him to inspire others to continuously push beyond their mind’s limits and achieve greater levels of fitness that they aspire to.  He began his journey with fitness as a teenager when he got a weight set from his friend at the age of 13 and began lifting weights in secret, against his parent’s wishes.  Nate continued to pursue his athletic passions when he made his high school basketball team, but was inspired to switch to wrestling when he saw a small-framed, but extremely confident wrestler call out a group of 6 foot tall basketball players.  Nate was on the wrestling team all 4 years and made captain, as well as advancing to district finals.  All the while he continued to lift weights and placed 2nd at a Youngstown, Ohio body building event during his senior year.

Nate went on to college to obtain his B.A. in Biology and began working as a personal trainer in 2002.  He moved to California in 2005 to apprentice under pro sports trainer, Thomas Weatherspoon of PEPA Sports.  While working under Thomas, Nate continued to push himself to train at the same level the pro athletes were at, keeping true to his philosophy of mastering moves and techniques before training his own clients to do them.

2012 brought another pivotal moment in Nate’s career, when he discovered CrossFit.  After developing tendonitis from playing basketball, Nate tried CrossFit and quickly found that it was actually starting to relieve his tendonitis by teaching him proper form in a variety of movements.  This revolutionized his mindset towards fitness and its applications, as he began to find himself making incredible strength gains and doing things he never thought he was capable of.   Nate began competing in CrossFit in 2012, and has progressed on to his current ranking of 3rd in his division for Northern California, and an overall international ranking of 142nd.  He continues to chase his goal of qualifying to compete in the CrossFit Games, the highest level competition for CrossFit.

Nate loves sharing his passion for fitness by helping his clients achieve their desired goals, through being in tune with individual ability and knowing how to foster progression at the right pace.  Nate has trained clients of all ages, skill levels, and health situations including high school athletes seeking to improve performance, those just looking to get into better shape, to clients recovering from strokes and heart surgeries.

Nate is a NASM certified personal trainer and also holds a CrossFit Level 1 certification.