Nate’s proprietary style of Boot Camp and Strength & Conditioning classes will shake up your fitness routine and push you beyond plateaus.  Drawing from all corners of his own cumulative and on-going training, Nate’s custom blend group workouts contain elements of weight lifting, aerobics, high intensity interval training (HIIT), CrossFit, balance and stability, static & isometric holds, yoga, tabata, plyometrics, TRX, gymnastics, stretching, kettlebell, running, and more.  No two workouts are exactly alike, helping you continuously build strength and improve skills, while enjoying the support of positive group camaraderie.  Expect to find yourself growing stronger, building confidence, and mastering moves you never thought possible.  All skill levels are welcome – modified movement options are given to suit individual abilities.

Nate’s Boot Camp classes will set your body on calorie-burning mode with power combinations of high-intensity moves.   This class aims to push beyond comfort levels, which is the most effective way to break through plateaus and achieve fitness results.  Improve your cardio-vascular capacity and burn fat, while gaining strength and agility.  

Looking to further develop your muscle tone and physique?   Nate’s Strength & Conditioning classes will help build muscle and create desirable definition, while building overall body strength.  You’ll find yourself experiencing that satisfaction of feeling stronger after each class.