G Luk

Massage Therapist


G Luk started out his career as an investment banker, but because of his innate desire to help ease the pain of others, he decided to make a career change and began studying massage therapy at the Swedish Institute in Manhattan.   After graduating in December 2006 and obtaining his license in 2007, he moved to the East Bay to answer the call of destiny, where he has been practicing massage therapy since.

G offers whatever he can to create a pleasant serenity in every clients session, not only to help heal the body but to gently enlighten the spirit as well.  He specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Sports Massage.


Nora Stebbins

Gymnastics Instructor

Nora Abille Stebbins was a competitive gymnast for 6 years. She has been teaching Dance and Acrobatics in Alameda since 1989, and is a Certified Acrobatics Master Teacher through Dance Masters of America.  She regularly prepares her Acrobatics team for regional and national competition. 

In 2011, Nora found that her passion forgymnastics and acrobatics greatly benefited her in the CrossFit community.  She is a member of CrossFit Mariner Square, and takes Crossfit Gymnastics classes with world renowned Movement Specialist, Carl Paoli at San Francisco CrossFit. She thrives at training and bringing out acrobatic and gymnastic skills in students young and wise.


Dr. Patrick Dobbins

Doctor of Chiropractic


Patrick Dobbins graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in December of 2008, and has been in private practice in Alameda since 2008.  He predominately uses tools to adjust the spine and skeletal frame, although he will perform manual adjustments when necessary.  Patrick also does a lot of soft tissue work, and techniques such as Sacro-Occipital Technique, Neuromechanical Tecnhique, Activator Methods, and Diversified.  Patrick incorporates personalized techniques, and also includes discussion of exercise, rehabilitation routines, as well as food and diet, as part of the holistic healing process.