“I've been training with Nate for four years and have never felt stronger or more motivated. Nate conforms the workouts to keep me moving in new ways...never a dull moment!”

- Kurt


“Diabetes and osteoporosis run strongly in my family, so incorporating exercise into my lifestyle is a priority, and I have been working out for over a decade. However, I never knew what my body was capable of until I began taking Nate's classes 9 months ago. I remember my very first class - I wasn't able to do a single circuit station without a simplified modification, but I enjoyed the challenge and stuck with it. We did the same circuit 3 months later, and to my amazement, I could perform each station with increased strength and confidence. I've taken countless classes over the years, but never have I seen an improvement in my physical fitness the way that I have with Nate. He always ensures that I have proper form to prevent injury, and I feel refreshed after his classes. My goal is always to be stronger - I am at my strongest and feeling my best since committing to working out with Nate.”

- Melissa


"I joined Nate's class in late 2014 after hearing how grueling it can be. I've been lifting weights for years and wanted to try a new work out routine.  Nate incorporates CrossFit and Circuit Training in our work outs. I continue to learn from Nate's teachings along with getting fit.  I would recommend Nate to the individual who wants to learn about fitness and incorporate it in their lives"

- Andre


"I began training with Nate three years ago and to this day I still do. I remember the first class I ever went to and how amazed I was by his creativity.  Nate set up challenging stations and drills to push everyone to the limit.  Not only did Nate demonstrate the movements but he did the whole class with us.  With a smile of satisfaction, sweat would be pouring down my red and breathless face at the end of each class.  Nate understands how the body works and what exercises one must do in order to attain a desirable physique.  Overall, you will not only look great but you will be physically stronger with each class.  The day that I walked into Nate's class was the best thing that I could have ever done for myself.  Nate is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with."

- Amelia


“I randomly tried one of Nate's classes 3 years ago.  Since that day, I have been hooked.  His style is unlike any other class at the gym I have been to.  I love that every workout is different.  I never know what to expect!  That's what keeps me on my toes and coming back.  What also drew me in was Nate's ability to know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.  Once he has an idea about how your body works, he will challenge you when you need it, or alter your workout if he sees you struggling.  I am the strongest I have ever been, and I owe it to Nate. Nate is truly one of a kind.”

- Tomi


“I’ve been training with Nate for 4 years now.  As soon as I took my first boot camp class with him, I knew he had amazing talent as a personal trainer and was genuinely passionate about fitness and helping others become stronger.  That passion is infectious and inspiring and has kept me pushing myself in his classes.  I’ve learned to master moves I never thought I would, while developing the muscle tone I want at the same time.  He’s great about applying just the right amount of challenge that each individual needs.  I always look forward to our group training sessions – we work hard but we have fun doing it, and I always feel great after each session.”

- Lisa


"As a senior I had the opportunity to train with Nate, mostly in his group fitness classes starting a few years ago.  Because of his belief in each person in the group, he pays individual attention to each person's strengths & needs and motivates & inspires us only to be the BEST!!!  I feel stronger than ever thanks to Nate believing in each of us."

- Melinda